Plant your way into spring: Figuratively and Literally

lmgchicagoAre you planting your way into spring? I mean that both figuratively and literally.

As a member of the WeWork space, I was given this adorable little plant that started off with a pot, seedlings, dirt and warm water. In the morning it was all setup for members on the kitchen counter at the WeWork River North office along with morning Mimosas. Adorable, upbeat and creative as always. It was just fun when I began planting the seedlings with my mimosa in hand, but as I have watched the seedlings get their sun and their water to grow I got to thinking about my company LMG Chicago and partner organizations.

I have a garden in my yard at home, but I placed this pot on my window sill so that every morning when I wake up to make my coffee, I see the growth of this plant. What is even more exciting is that I don’t even know what flowers will bloom from it.  [ I will be sure to update on social media when they bloom!] My reasoning in placement of the plant is to remind me on daily basis the nurturing that all companies need, whether they are in the idea process, start-up phase, or a full force organization. As my plant ages, it will continue to need water – so will the companies.

This plant also reminds me of my reasoning for being an avid volunteer for the ICAN Foundation. Part of what the ICAN Foundation does is plant roof top gardens on underfunded schools in our city of Chicago. The students help us to plant the gardens and then we teach them to care for the gardens, compost and understand all that is needed to have a thriving garden. While the students learn on a scientific level about gardening, they also bring on the understanding of what it means to bring value to the plants. Because of their hard work on the garden, the plants are thriving. When they work hard in their own lives in school and in sports, they will also thrive.

So let’s start this spring with a meaningful quote in mind. “Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.” – Og Mandino

This spring, don’t forget to plant now, because it WILL harvest later.

To learn more about the ICAN Foundation and how you can get involved visit