Pleasantly Surprised: A Better Day with Julie

Let’s face it, often us moms put everyone and everything first before we take care of ourselves. We all have to agree that it’s worth it. Being a mom has its miraculous benefits: butterfly kisses, watching your babies grow and learn and learning from them, relishing the enduring and mutual love of mother and child….and being elected to win Mother’s Day Makeovers by fabulous “glam squads.” OK. So that last one doesn’t happen all the time—but when it does, let’s enjoy it! This Mother’s Day, I was pleasantly surprised as I was one the winners of “A Better with Julie, Mother’s Day VIP Makeovers!” First, I want to give a very big THANK YOU to Julie Hightower, Gaby RagusoKristi Pawlowicz of and Dana Louder and her team at Mane Space Salon!!! I am SOO grateful and learned so many beauty tips and tricks! Keep reading for the insider scoop that I learned during my makeover!

Going into the makeover, I was not completely sure what to expect, but I knew that I was thrilled! It was held at Mane Space Salon in Chicago. As I walked in, all  vibes were on point!  I learned so much about fashion, hair and makeup! While I do put efforts toward keeping my appearance maintained, there were some key ingredients to beauty that I will continue into my every day regimen.


I was greeted by the lovely Kristi Pawlowicz, Founder of the online boutique She had a variety of outfits for me to try on— and oh, they were all perfect! We ended up choosing an off the shoulder blouse with black fitted ankle pants, nude patent heels and a statement necklace. I must admit that when I first saw the off the shoulder, I was a little apprehensive because I often have the experience of them not staying “off the shoulder”, but not this top! It was comfortable and very flattering on my frame. I will be packing it for my family trip to Florida in a few weeks.

Learning experience: Don’t be afraid to try on new styles, colors and prints!


Thankfully, I already have good color that I call “mom-bré”, also known as ombré, due to my hair stylist Caley Elliot. (I will be writing another blog dedicated to why I call it “mom-bré”, so stay tuned!) What we focused on was styling. Dana Louder, owner of Mane Space Salon gave me those dreamy curls and volume that I could never get right at home. Dana shared with me the rules to thin hair and curls. Because I have thin hair, Dana recommended to only use a 1 inch curling iron and more hair with each curl.  All along I have been using a 2 inch curing iron with only hairspray. That brings me to volume.  To get the lift I wanted, she applied Shuga, Directional Volumizing Mousse (available at Mane Space Salon), and applied it directly to my roots before drying and styling.  The results? I felt like I was ready to walk the runway!

Learning experience: Don’t assume that a larger curling iron equals larger curls!


Gaby Raguso gave me a whole new perspective on makeup. I have small eyes, and always want that dramatic, “sexier” cat eye, but it doesn’t ever seem to turn out like that. Now I know why! To make my eyes appear larger, I only need a very thin line of liquid eyeliner. Gaby then layered the eye shadow to lift my eye lids and make my blue eyes stand out.   Her other focus was brightening up under my eyes (because we know us mom’s get those dark circles)!  I learned some great techniques here including going a shade lighter with foundation and rolling it with a makeup tool rather than dabbing it on with the finger.

Learning experience: The smoky eye doesn’t need a thick line, rather you can make your eyes appear larger and sexier with just a light dotted liquid liner.

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I wasn’t the only lucky mom to receive a fab makeover! There are more to come! Make sure to tune in to A Better Day with Julie on YouTube at ! Much thanks to the sponsors #‎manespace ‪#‎bglamd ‪#‎kinkork ‪#‎shop522envy ‪#‎godiva!